Your Facebook Friends get a new Life with Lifeblob app

Lifeblob has launched a Facebook app that pulls all your facebook photos into a timeline and builds a virtual relationship dimension around it using face tags. You can also navigate through your relations and discover how you are connected with others within and beyond your network.

lifeblbo facebook
Lifestory of your Facebook Friends

What’s interesting about the app is that it does lead to discovery of your friend’s life/pictures (though the invite popup is an irritant).

Do you think Lifeblob should be plugging itself to more socionets (instead of creating another one)?

The startup has also launched developer API (link) that allows developers to programmatically create new timelines and also access data from existing timelines.

Using the API, developers / website owners can integrate the timeline component into websites and build tools around it to create an entire timeline based workflow within their sites. The API also lets you extract data from existing timelines, complete with relation details, to build creative visualizations that leverage these relations.

Do take a look and share your opinion on the new launches.

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