Your Google Buzz Data Will Be Stored on Google Drive as Google Kills Buzz

google_drive.pngGoogle, which announced in October 2011 that it will kill Google Buzz, will pull the final plug on the service on or after July 17. A copy of your Buzz posts will be saved on to your Google Drive, the company said.

Google will store only two types of files. First: The private ones accessible only to you. it will have a snapshot of the Google Buzz public and private post you authored. The second will contain a copy of your Google Buzz public posts. It can be viewed by anyone who has a link and will appear in search results, the company said.

In an e-mail to Google Buzz users, the company also said that comments made on other users posts will be saved on those users files and not yours. Only that user will be able to change the sharing settings on those files. “The new Google Drive files will only contain comments from users who previously enabled Google Buzz, and the files will not contain comments that were deleted prior to moving the data to your Google Drive,” said the mail.

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