Your Internal Dialogue Changes Your Brain

Your Internal Dialogue Changes Your Brain
Your Internal Dialogue Changes Your Brain

The way you talk to yourself, your internal dialogue, defines you. Thus, you become your worst enemy if you do it with contempt while questioning your potential. Keep in mind that wellness is about speaking to yourself with love and respect.

What you say to yourself defines you

  • Several studies reveal that areas such as the left inferior frontal gyrus (Broca’s area) activate when you talk to yourself
  • Everything that happens in your mind, every idea, thought, self-instruction, and assertion has an enormous impact on you, both positively and negatively

Negative inner chatter, emotions, and the brain

  • Persistent negative internal dialogue weakens multiple neural structures
  • This is because it makes people much more vulnerable to stress
  • Structures such as the insula and the amygdala show high hyperactivity

What would happen if you speak more affectionately to yourself?

  • Changing your internal dialogue can directly affect your health, both physical and psychological
  • Address yourself in the second person instead of the first – this will change your self-talk
  • This process takes time, but you will see changes progressively
  • Changing that limiting internal discourse may be hard at first, but you’ll see changes progressively if you commit to it


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