Your Life – Your Story.

Autobiography with a difference – only that it’s free and fun to write/share.

Use Dandelife to write your life story. Decorate the story with your pictures, videos and tags your life’s events.
The guys@Dandelife call this phenomena Lifecasting – i.e. broadcasting one’s life publicly via the internet.

How does this work?
All you’ve got to do is sign up and start writing your life story. Tag your life events, start sharing pictures from your Flickr page, and videos fromYouTube.

This is a new kind of a service and will definitely get a lot of traction. The UI is damn neat, and I specifically liked the integration with Flickr and YouTube.

On the other hand, I wonder who really want to know about one’s life events?
I mean, unless I/you don’t have a crush on somebody/really know the person, I will not be really interested in one’s Lifecast. Right?

But I am sure, there are enough of us who are interested in knowing about others,their life events and Dandelife surely provides an attractive option!!

Infact, on second thoughts -the *stickiness* of this product would be the fact that it would be fun to go back in past,write about them and relive those memories!!
As Dandelife guys say

“If you will pardon the mixed metaphor, get ready to digitize those old home movies, scan those old photos and start dusting off those old stories – there are plenty of yarns to be spun in your new lifecast.”

So go ahead – spurn that yarn.

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