Of YouTube, Flat Earth Theory and time for AI to change..for a better world

Those who have not read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ can taste how it is to be going down the rabbit-hole through online social media platforms.

In the garb of recommendations, there was a hose-pipe of content thrown, with similar and related content, having an almost limitless supply for the use. With data having gone dirt-cheap, the algorithms went more berserk. And the user just could not say to the ‘recommendation’, after all it is being made by the platform. Came along click-bait videos, with morphed images, fake titles, funny audio backdrop but since they were being recommended by the ‘recommendation algorithm’, these were being trusted by the user as being ‘right’ for them.

After all, how could a ‘recommendation’ be wrong?

Well, Traffic Engagement is the answer!

There was no end to this ‘recommendation’ rabbit hole and it grew only darker and deeper over the period of times, sucking in the sanity of countless of users, many of them, could not just get their sanity out of the ‘hole’.

With their algorithms primed to get more and more eye-balls, ensuring that more advertisements are displayed and hence more revenue; these social media platforms were totally angst against doing anything, which could spoil their ‘economics’.

YouTube announced on 25th January that it would now reduce promoting or recommending videos which has borderline content or is harmful to users, including fake videos and conspiracy theories content. For ex: Videos claiming earth is flat etc

Sincerely a historic move in the attempt to preserve this planet’s sanity and well being.

YouTube, in arguably there is a need to penalise the fake content and conspiracy theories video creators also. Spare the stick and spoil the child, a little bit of stick is always good.
[Source: (YouTube Official Blog)]

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