Mobile Is Powering Over 50% Of The Views On YouTube [Data]

At the VidCon event being held in California, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki dropped a bunch of stats on how the service has been performing. The overall notion was that the company wasn’t running scared of the competition, yet the competition in the online video streaming space was heating up.



  • Watch time grew by over 60% year on year, the fastest growth rate in the past 2 years
  • Number of users who enter the YouTube homepage is up by three times over last year
  • Over 400 hours of content is uploaded onto YouTube every minute
  • YouTube viewership grew by 40% year on year as measured in March 2015

Mobile Video

  • Over 50% of YouTube’s views come from mobile devices
  • Over 50% of the total time spent watching videos on YouTube happens on mobile devices


  • YouTube partner revenues are up by 50% compared to last year
  • The number of channels earning 6 figures per year is up by 50%
  • The top 100 channels in Google Preferred saw revenues increase by 70% compared to last year


  • The number of advertisers running video ads is up by 40%
  • The top 100 advertisers are spending 60% more than last year

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