These Services Make YouTube Search a Lot Better, Curate Videos, Skip Commercials

While YouTube is one of the largest online repositories for videos, discovery of videos is often a big hassle. This is where services like Yougle and FMgem come into the picture.

Just yesterday, Google announced that YouTube is now viewed by more than 1 billion people each month. One of the biggest uses of YouTube is to view and listen to music videos.

While YouTube is one of the largest online repositories for videos, discovery of videos is often a big hassle. Even though you are likely to find nearly every artist and song imaginable on YouTube, the search is just not robust enough. When you search for sometime, you often end up with unrelated videos thrown into the mix. This is where some people have come up with interesting solutions to enhance the whole YouTube experience.

With Yougle, you can have your YouTube Search Results Instantly

A group of four friends Vipul, Akhiesh, Manish and Saurabh who work for an MNC in Hyderabad, have come up with a very interesting use for YouTube.

While using YouTube, they found that they often had to open multiple windows for different videos. They found this a big issue and tried to come up with a solution. So over a weekend in mid March they built Yougle. What they built originally for themselves, they have now shared with the rest of the world.YougleYougle is a real-time video search platform which allows users to do an instant search of YouTube videos. The results are displayed almost instantly as you start typing the search just like with Google Instant search. It also has a ‘do you mean’ feature just in case you misspell a word.

Once the results are displayed, one can have a sneak peek at a video, which opens up as a small minimized player, or add the video to the playlist. The sneak peek video only plays the video while the video in the main screen continues uninterrupted. We found this to be a very useful and well implemented feature.

The service is also able to circumvent YouTube ads and the videos play instantly without any ads, so you can get to your video instantly without waiting to skip the ads after a few seconds.

The service has been developed and deployed in .net technology using HTML, CSS, Javascript and combined with a few in-house algorithms for performance and just-in-time results.

While the interface of Yougle is very basic, the developers say that at first they built the website for themselves and that it was not a priority. But now that they have showcased the service to the world, fixing the user interface and user experience is a top priority.

When we tried out Yougle we found that it was very functional and the only downside to it was the UI.

While they have just started with a very basic service, Vipul says they are planning on developing apps for Android and iOS soon. They are also in touch with video portals like VEVO, DailyMotion and Vimeo to have their featured videos on Yougle.

While there are similar services that have been around for a few years now like YouTube Instant, we found this one exciting as it offered a preview of more search results.

You can try Yougle here.

FMGem: a Whole New Way to Watch Music Videos from YouTube

FMGem is a new service that combines YouTube’s vast library with a vast music database and innovative UI enabling users to easily curate and share playlists. The database is able to provide users with detailed information about bands, their albums and songs.

While using FMGem, you type the name of a song, artist or album you are interested in to the search bar on the top. After the results are populated, you will find a list of videos on the left side of the screen. FmgemOne can also select the album mode, where if you search for an artist, you are presented with a list of albums that were performed by that band. If you click on the album cover you are presented with a list of songs in that album. If you select the song, it starts playing and will display a list of related videos on the left. There is also a add all button which queues up all the song in the playlist which appears in the bar on the bottom.

While playing a song, the site also displays related music on the right which can then be added if you so wish.

FMGem works excellently with combining music information, i.e. band names, songs or albums, with content on YouTube.

One can also share a playlist on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reditt and StumbleUpon. The menu also lets you to play either the previous or next video in the playlist or to go to the beginning or end of the playlist quickly.

There is a Radio Mode which automatically selects songs and queues them in the playlist.

We found ourselves creating a playlist of songs very quickly and just minimizing the tab and letting the music play all day. The interface though heavy and cluttered is very functional, and one is able to perform all functions on just one screen. We tried the service with a few Bollywood searches and it was able to find and recommend related music.

The biggest plus of FMGem is that you get to skip COMMERCIALS. That in itself probably makes this service worth using.

One feature we hope to see in the future is offline playback.

FMGem is a two-member team from Nevada, USA. Gary Kraft is the dedicated programmer, while Len Blumenthal is an attorney by day, CEO by night and creative editor, bug tester and also does whatever else needs to be done. They are self funded, as this allows them the freedom and flexibility to develop the service without being obliged to outside investors’ influences, according to Len Blumenthal.

Len and Gary, who had been working on web-based productivity/storage apps for a few years, were inspired to build FMGem when they realized it was no fun to store music and videos if you can’t watch/listen to them too.  That led them to the idea of integrating various media players into the sites, which free flowed into the idea to harness the zeitgeist of YouTube as a perfect source for music, which led to the decision to build FMGem.

They have incorporated the discogs API to add the album feature and to provide access to nearly every discography and turn any album into an instant playlist.

FMGem is currently preparing a role out of its direct registration, which will allow users to create usernames and will soon enable user profiles, following, comments, voting, ratings, etc. to enable a more social interaction.  After that we will turn to both a mobile website and mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.  We should be firming up our mobile strategy over the summer. The apps may be ready by the middle of the year.

You can try FMGem here.

Do try out these sites and let us know if viewing videos is now a better experience.

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