8 million+ Views on YouTube’s IPL Channel – Video Killed the Text Star

Google is betting big on IPL [even started promoting the microsite from G’s homepage] and the bet has paid off.

As of writing this article, the total number of views for channel (link) has already crossed 8 million and the viewership (we have been tracking this) reached the peak between March 13th – 16th [from less than a million to almost 7 million].

This is a BIG milestone for all ye who believe that Internet is not happening in India. To throw certain perspective, IPL matches happen during non-office hours, so most of the viewers are either home viewer or viewers from outside India [essentially, the content is working for publishers/advertisers as they are able to get eyeballs].

IPL - Youtube channel traffic
IPL - Youtube channel traffic

Ofcourse, the channel has some historic data and one can discard some of that, but the deal is very simple – Text vs. Video.

Video vs. Text

Most of the content companies (Y! Cricket, Cricinfo) earlier took the texty score card route and played with page refresh rate to come out as ‘Highest PageView’ winner. YouTube’s IPL streaming will change all of that.

Its not that text will die, but videos have a higher monetization opportunity [i.e. higher CPM] and YouTube has upped the bar for everybody [especially for aggregators who will eventually have to define their video strategy]

What’s your opinion?

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