YouTube IPL Stats – 55 million Channel Views, US Traffic next to India

Stats are stats and Youtube has published following IPL stats:

  • IPL channel racked up nearly 55 million views from 200 countries and territories around the globe.
  • On the day of the final match, the IPL channel got about four million views (but only 55 views for the video?)
  • The majority of users who viewed the final watched it in real-time.
  • The IPL channel is now the #1 most subscribed channel in India of all time.
  • U.S. was second only to India in terms of total channel views for the entire season [blog].

To throw certain perspective, Channel Views is the total number of view for the channel page and that’s bound to go up, as Google promoted the IPL channel on India homepage (as well as offline promotions including ads on Delhi metro), though the actual number of upload views stands at 28.6 million.

Interesting to note that views from US were competing with that from India and actually exceeded during the semi finals and final match.

Google admits that the IPL stats exceeded their expectation (they expected 10 million views); so now that the party is over – can we request them to add a profanity filter?

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Question to ponder: Video killed the textstar?

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