YouTube is killing uTube. Who’s Next?

What’s in a name? Lots actually. Especially if your site name is similar to a successful site.

YouTube traffic has almost killed Utube. If you are wondering what Utube is, well it is NOT any clone of YouTube, but is a rollform equipment corporation that specializes in buying/selling tube mills etc., active since 1994 has received close to 68 million hits in the month of August!!! (Alexa rank – 25,776) and gets close to 9,000 hits a day!

Search for Utube in Google and you will be redirected to YouTube!

Utube, after procuring the machineries uploads the pictures in their site for customers to see. And because of the similar sounding name, Utube ends up getting millions of unwanted eyeballs which results in a crash!!

And its this crash is killing their site and the business as well.

“I buy $100,000 worth of used machinery and want to get it up on the Web site [for clients to see],” Girkins said. “I can’t even get on the Web site.”

“One of the most damaging aspects is that the company advertises to customers worldwide under the name, Girkins says. When clients try to look them up, they get a streaming video site. “It’s lost credibility as well,” he says.

Girkins says he’s tried to reach YouTube and Google to ask them to host his site or do something to help get his site back online.

“My phones are dead,” he said. “And a customer who can’t find my $3-$400,000 machine online will just keep searching the Web until they find it elsewhere.”


Frankly speaking, Utube is blessed to have this problem.
If I were the CEO of Utube, I would have cashed on (big time) this opportunity. I would have

  • Shut down Utube site, and put it on eBay auction, make a million$ and retire or
  • Start a video blogging site, pumped with YouTube video and maybe adsense. Make millions of$s and retire.
  • Sold the domain name to YouTube clones (like porntube etc.). Make millions of$s and retire.

Mr. Utube, “If you do what you have done, you will always get what you have got”. Time to act buddy.

Are you listening?

Latest Update: uTube sues Youtube – wants Youtube to change it’s name!

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