YouTube For iOS And Android Now Supports 60fps Video

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YouTube For iOS And Android Now Supports 60fps Video

Google introduced the ability to play videos at 60fps on YouTube back in October last year, but the feature was limited to the web. However, now it has introduced the feature on its iOS and Android apps too.


The change has been carried out on the server end, meaning users don’t have to download an update for the YouTube app on their device. The option of playing videos in 60fps will appear in the quality settings.

60fps playback is available at 720p and 1080p resolutions and replaces the 30fps options. This means users aren’t going to be able to switch back to lower frame rate video if that’s what they want for some odd reason.

Most regular content is recorded at 30fps or 24fps in the case of movies. However, the change seems to be in line with pleasing gamers as most games often run at higher frame rates.

Further, with Google’s big plans for making virtual reality mainstream, a higher frame rate for videos could boost the viewing pleasure for several users.

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