You were wondering right? YouTube to start original programming including scripted series for India

YouTube is going to start creating original programming in genres of documentaries, reality series, talk shows and scripted series. The content would be created for it’s five major international markets, which includes India. The other markets are France,Germany,Mexico and Japanese.
If we look closely then each of these countries is dominated by people of world’s leading languages; Hindi, French, German, Spanish and Mexican. While the content is country specific, essentially they become language specific and these five major language encompass a lot of world’s population.
Some of the programming would come on the premium service of YouTube called YouTube Red and some would be offered on the regular service, inter-spaced with advertisements.

“Why” this story:
Following Amazon’s Prime, Netflix followed in to India and it’s recent show Sacred Games have been talk of the town with great storyline and big star cast. Jio has also announced it’s plan to start original programming in virtually all genre. These are the times when traditional TV programming is facing serious threat from mobile/streaming programming.
The Perspective:
For the slaves of “K-Factor” dominated viewers of TV, YouTube was the first saviour when the like of TVF started putting their shows/videos online. Intelligent people of the industry would have sensed coming onslaught, specially when the dramatic rise in the number of mobile subscribers and falling data rates, gave everyone the freedom the consume whatever they wanted, and not to be on the mercy of handful studios and STARs and ZEEs of the world. But what seems so obvious at hindsight, might not be actually so in truth, because of the hubris and power which traditional media companies wield.
“What” of the story:
What do you think would be the outcome in terms of 1,2 and 3rd position; among the fights between the big 3?
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