At $8.63Billion revenue, YouTube ads revenue beats Netflix’s subscription business

3/12 On YouTube shorts: “We just hit 5 trillion all-time views and have over 15 billion views each day globally.” “Last year, the number of YouTube channels that made at least $10,000 revenue was up more than 40% year-over-year”
4/12 “In Q4, we set an all-time quarterly sales record for Pixel.” Q4 cloud revenue +45% YoY; backlog is now $51 Bn, up +70% YoY
5/12 “For the full year 2021, compared with the full year 2020, we saw over 80% growth in total deal volume for Google Cloud Platform and over 65% growth in the number of deals over $1 billion.”
7/12 “Our product leadership continues with more than 2,000 new cloud products and feature releases in the last year.” “retail was again by far the largest contributor to yoy growth of our ads business. Finance, media and entertainment and travel were also strong contributors.”
8/12 “Global searches for gift shops near me jumped 60% year-over-year in October, with searches for gifts near me up 70% in Google Maps.” Q4 FCF ~$18.6 Bn, total 2021 FCF ~$67 Bn. Cash balance now $140 Bn. Buyback increased from $18 Bn in 2019 to $50 Bn in 2021.
9/12 In the meantime, SBC increased from $10.8 Bn in 2019 to $15.4 Bn in 2021. Overall, share count declined 3.3% in the last two years. 6.5k headcount was added last quarter as hiring picked up.
11/12 “it took scientists more than 50 years to figure out the structure of 150,000 proteins. The DeepMind team has now expanded that number to 1 million, and they think they will get to more than 100million this year.” Nothing much useful in Q&A.

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