Google Introduces Shopping Buttons On Its YouTube Pre-Roll Video Ads

YouTube may be an online video behemoth, but even today when video ads are all the rage, the website isn’t filling up parent Google’s coffers fast enough.


In an attempt to boost its earnings from skippable pre-roll video ads, the company has introduced overlays with offers, prices and buttons to take users to the advertiser’s website.

The overviews will be from the same advertiser that has sponsored the TrueView ad and some early testers have said that the new ads generated three times as much revenue from sales.

Google on the other hand won’t charge advertisers a premium, instead sticking to the old format where advertisers pay Google when a viewer watches an ad for 30 seconds without skipping.

Instead, the company hopes if more viewers click on ads and buy products, advertisers will begin paying more for ads, which in turn will boost YouTube’s revenues.

Google is currently in a dilemma where advertisers are paying less for its TrueView ads than regular search ads because video viewers aren’t considered as close to making purchases.

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