YouTube’s Bengali Love and PR lessons for startups


YouTube’s Bengali Love and PR lessons for startups

YouTube is the god of PR and Google surely knows how to play with PR machinery.

Look at this:

YouTube is a ‘community service’

“It’s a service for the world. In the last two years, Google India has done just that: built communities. It has done that by actually embracing India – rather than just paying lip service to the idea.This is evident in the way the company talks about YouTube’s India chapter. Both Rao and Arsiwala emphasise that the focus is not on revenues but building a community. “Passion for video is deep-rooted in India. Everyone loves story telling. Everyone uses video cameras. The home video phenomenon is just taking off in India. We want to be there when it takes off,” – BS

And now, Google has approached West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya to showcase age-old Bengali classical literature and movies on Google/YouTube.

All famous books written by eminent Bengali authors will be available online through Google and movies would also be shown through Youtube,” Das said.

“Google also offered a proposal to maintain all the mail accounts of all ministers and top state government officials.” – West Bengal IT Minister Debesh Das [source]

If you watch the keywords, they talk about things that sounds like

community service’ – while in reality, these are distribution of apps (i.e. Google apps for mail etc)/user acquisition or content acquisition (i.e. youtube).

The obvious PR lesson for startups is to create a community cause – something that media wants to highlight!

For example, if you are a local search player, tell media that ‘girls use your recently launched mobile search service (available on blah number) to look for police stations/emergency numbers, when they are under some sort of danger!’)

Cool. Isn’t it?

Wanna try out some other ‘community service’ punchlines?

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