Yuvraj Singh Invests In Online Healthcare Marketplace Healthians

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s investment fund YouWeCan Ventures has acquired a stake in online healthcare marketplace Healthians.com.

Healthians.com helps users discover affordable healthcare, using quality and price transparency. It aggregates diagnostic labs, crowd sourced sample collectors and nearby doctors, as well as makes patients’ medical records available online.


In another industry first, apart from tying up with leading medical labs chains, it is creating Healthians branded lab network in association with labs that will offer standardised pricing, processes and user experience.

“Having gone through life threatening medical condition, I’m extremely keen to promote preventive healthcare in India. While most of us today have an online social profile or an online professional profile, there’s a large need to use technology to create & track individual health profile. I’m excited to see Healthians trying to solve this problem” said Yuvraj Singh.

Healthians’ proprietary self-assessment software ‘HealthiansPLUS’ has been created with the help of leading doctors along with software engineers. Users fill online questionnaire, followed by free personal visit by a Wellness Consultant for further screening. The software establishes user’s personal health score, recommends future health checks, and tracks each user’s health over his lifetime”, said Deepak Sahni, Founder & CEO, Healthians.

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