Integrate Data Between SaaS Apps Using Zapstitch [UnPluggd PitchStop]

ZapstitchSatya Padmanabham and his team at Zapstitch have the perfect solution for companies that want to sync and manage data on their cloud based apps seamlessly, minus the API developer. A cloud based business app, Zapstitch, aids companies migrate, synchronize and manage data between the various cloud based apps employed by them.

Currently, Zapstitch supports Shopify, Magento, Quickbooks, Freshdesk and bigcommerce.

“In today’s business, companies use 5-6 cloud based apps, a Zoho or a cloud-based CRM. The data that resides in these clouds are pretty disconnected. Pulling and pushing data is not easy,” says Satya Padmanabham, “To solve this problem companies rely on error prone manual data entry, use developers or depend on companies that do data integration. To solve this, we bi-directionally transfer data between various applications.” Satya, who is Co-founder & CEO at Zapstitch, had earlier founded

What Does It Do?

Zapstitch was created to solve the problem of data integration that companies undergo when they require data from ecommerce, CRM, accounting and from other cloud based apps. The app steps in to integrate the data from these various Saas based apps and help companies manage their files.

The company claims that integration can be started in under 5 minutes. To begin integration, users have to log in to the apps they use, select the business entities they wish to integrate and select the frequency of synchronisation. Once the source and target apps are identified, Zapstitch pulls in the data from the source to load into the target app. Users can also use Zapstitch to schedule syncs at any particular time – hourly, daily or on demand.

Zapstitch Product

Payment plans from Zapstitch are pay per use, and has no annual or contractual costs.

An obvious question you’d have is how different is Zapstitch from Zapier? Simple. Zapstich wants to focus on B2B space as opposed to Zapier.

Watch Zapstitch founder Satya Padmanabham launch the product at UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference.

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