Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Zebpay Launches In India

Zebpay, a bitcoin mobile wallet app, has announced its launch in India, opening the door for many more people to transact and invest in the crypto currency.
The app simplifies the use of bitcoin by linking everything to a user’s phone number, rather than having a bitcoin address.
Bitcoin has been touted as the future of currency, but has come under fire from various governments and agencies for its use in silk route trading.
Further, as illustrated by the shutting down of Mt. Gox (a Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo), the currency is still highly susceptible to cyber theft.
The crypto currency has also seen a massive fluctuation in its value over the past couple of months, with the value of 1 Bitcoin hitting close to Rs 75,000 in early 2014, but has consistently dropped since to a value of around Rs 19,000 currently.
In terms of safety, the Zebpay app is protected by a 4-digit PIN and in the case of mobile theft,  users can insert a SIM with the same number into any device in order to access their wallet.
There are people out there who believe in Bitcoin’s anonymous and no transaction fee model. The Zebpay app allows Indians to easily buy Bitcoin, send and receive Bitcoin and even spend it to shop for products.
[Download: PlayStore]

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