Zendesk CEO Calls Freshdesk a “FREAKING-RIP-OFF”

It’s not politically wrong to say that Silicon valley finds it difficult to believe that innovative/competing products can be built from India, the land of snake charmers et al.

, Chennai based startup that recently raised funding from Accel Partners is in the middle of a controversy that involves few prominent bloggers and ofcourse, the leader in SAAS/support space, i.e. .

The Story

On Dec 2nd cloud analyst and blogger Ben Kepes (@benkepes) tweeted

“Seems to me that Freshdesk is an unethical troll trying to cash in on Zendesk‘s good name. But that could just be me….”freshdesk

And then Zendesk CEO, Mikkel Svane called Freshdesk a rip-off which was of course retweeted by the blogger, Ben Kepes. imageThe Little known fact

“So why would a noted industry analyst like Ben Kepes make an unnecessary comment about a product that he has never seen or tried?  What was his motivation? We were initially upset but then decided to get to the bottom of it. Thankfully it was quite easy to find. “

Freshdesk team has put up a site (http://ripoffornot.org/) to share the entire episode and interestingly, blogger Ben Kepes turned out to be a ‘paid  blogger’, paid by Zendesk! He is also a consultant to Zendesk and I guess, in this entire episode, he has lost more (credibility) than anybody else.

As far as Zendesk vs. Freshdesk is concerned, SAAS delivery mechanism will bring a level-playing ground for Indian startups and expect more global companies from India. Much against the wishes of American/Silicon Valley monopolies and those who think Indian entrepreneurs are a “bunch of cowboys”.

The reality is that India has arrived and 2012 will see more global products from India. More from ‘Indian cowboys’.

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