Make Your Address Look Beautiful and Shareable with Zeocode

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Make Your Address Look Beautiful and Shareable with Zeocode

Remember the last time you had a tough time explaining your address to the delivery guy or giving driving direction to a friend?

zeocodeUnlike the US and some parts of Europe, where address are comparatively easy to locate, address locations are not very easy to find in countries like India and some parts of South America. You might end up going in circles, just trying to find the lane.

Zeocode, a Chennai based startup, has developed a new location and address sharing platform that intends to solve this problem. The Zeocode consists of a 9 digit number that encodes your location & postal address in it. You can share your location by just sharing the 9 digit code. Its just like sharing your phone number.

The code can come in handy in situation when you need to dictate your address, which at times can be long and confusing. For example giving driving directions or filling the address forms in websites or sharing your map location, as sharing map location URL offline is not easy.

Whats your Zeo?Once you create your Zeocode, the 9 digits code you receive will contains only the postal address and location on maps of the place you provide and not contain any of your personal information. The system also monitors who visits your Zeocode and blocks unauthorised visits.

As far as security of the code is concerned, you can not view or create a Zeocode without signing in. The company also maintains a detailed log of each view of a Zeocode and your personal information is also not connected to the Zeocodes you create.

Anyone looking up your Zeocode can only see the location of the code on the map and it’s postal address.

The service plans to provide APIs to companies whose service requires information regarding customers’ location. These could mainly include food delivery companies such as restaurants, cab services, e-commerce companies and other location based platforms. The startup plans to bill these companies based on the number of API requests they will make.

“We’re considering to give the API for free for smaller businesses. Apart from fetching customers’ addresses and showing routes/locations on maps, there are few other value added features which will enable these enterprises to improve operational efficiency, customer experience and marketing.” [Anand Sukumara, CEO, Zeocode]

The beta version of the service was released recently. Some of the beta users have already added Zeocodes from different parts of India. The company is also in talks with enterprises & early adopters with whom you can securely your Zeocode e.g taxi service, restaurants and other delivery oriented services.

Zeocode Beta

Once the service is launched you can sign-up with your e-mail, Facebook or Gmail ID and start making your Zeocodes. You will only be allowed to create a maximum of 1 ‘Private’ Zeocode, but the number of Public Zeocodes are not limited per user. Currently you can only view 25 code/day, but this policy may change later.

The service will be releasing an app for Android phones soon and the iOS app will be released later on.

You can sign-up and used the beta version here and start making your Zeocode.

Do give Zeocode a spin and share your comments.

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