Zepo & MartMobi Partner to Bring Mobile Suite to Zepo’s Merchants

Mobile is the next growth segment for ecommerce companies and DIY Ecommerce site, Zepo and Mobile-enabler, MartMobi have partnered to bring both web and mobile to all Zepo merchants.

Through this pre-built integration all Zepo merchants now have an opportunity to create mobile, tablet experience which include a dedicated Mobile, Tablet Website as well as Native Apps on Android, iOS etc; thereby increasing the $value of the offering (for both Zepo and martmobi).zepo_martmobi

While the regular development of a Mobile site or Apps would take anywhere from weeks to months, merchants can have their mobile store up and running in less than a day, with zero development or configuration efforts from the merchant end.

Going forward, both teams across engineering, marketing, sales and customer support will work very closely to provide a great mobile experience for Zepo current and future customers.

In India, mcommerce has picked up aggressively over the last few months with Snapdeal even claiming to have 50% transactions coming from mobile while Flipkart turning into a m-commerce company within the next 2 years.

Aside, this is great for both the companies, as very few Indian startups collaborate with each other to increase the offering value.

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