Zipdial : An Outsider’s View On Dynamics Of A Perfect Team

Zipdial has been lapped up by Twitter. Unlike most of the startups that get acqui-hired, Twitter needs a platform like Zipdial to grow its *otherwise stagnating* userbase. zipdial_logo
“At the macro level, this is one of the imterest moment for us for a company to be acquired as a company – for the tech capability, the brand they built and is a holistic acquisition”, says Sanjay Swamy.

The Zipdial Team
The Zipdial Team

Zipdial is clearly a story of hardwork and a focused team – a team that knows individual’s strength and respects boundaries around that.
In fact, if you want a few takeaways from their overnight-success-story-that-took-5-years, I’d say it’s the damn team!
Amiya : Cofounder & COO.
The one thing that worked very well for the company is the fact that Amiya managed to gel the team very well. He is a great HR-guy-who-can-code*!
Ask any Zipdial team member and they will swear by Amiya’s leadership and hardwork. This (soft skills) is one of the least discussed topic in startup ecosytem. A leader-who-is-a-friend is extremely rare and so are people like Amiya.
Valerie, Cofounder and CEO.zipdial
Clearly, a great marketer. Valerie is the face of Zipdial and has also taken the India’s missed-call story to global diaspora. A very well-knit storyline that nobody in Silicon Valley can ever dream of : A Stanford girl moves to India/joins mChek which later shutdown/starts Zipdial which solves an extremely desi problem (read her take: Being a women entrepreneur in India is great..except)
If it’s about Zipdial, you only talk to her and nobody else in the team – clearly a very well defined role and importantly, KRAs around it. A lot of expansion plans/growth story is attributed to her role, as a CEO, with focus on E (Execution).
Sanjay Swamy
Sanjay* has been deeply into mobile space and Zipdial’s conception->acquisition in 5 years timeline is definitely a big win for Angelprime.
Sanjay brought together Amiya and Valerie and from AngelPrime point of view, this model of being active and helping right from ideation to defining business models, governance, fund-raising etc is working pretty well.
It’s the team that made the dream run possible and very few startups define such boundaries and (soft) performance criteria for individuals.

The ‘missed call’ technology has been commoditized, but you can’t commoditize great teams. 

Again, congratulations to Zipdial team! More power to startups!
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* Disclosure: Amiya, Sanjay and I have worked together/known each other for many years.
Image credit: Sanjay’s FB page.

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