Zivame Goes Offline With Its First Ever Lingerie Fitting Lounge

Zivame has taken a bold step in the direction of educating women about the importance of wearing the right-sized bra, by launching its first flagship fit lounge in Bangalore.

With 4 out of 5 women in India not aware about their right bra size, the lounge aims to help them discover their right size and also provide expert advice when it comes to the style and type of lingerie options available in the market.

Zivame's Offline Lingerie Store
Zivame’s Offline Lingerie Store

Zivame’s Offline Fit-lounge Store

The 1500 sq ft lounge located on 100 ft road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore’s high street for lifestyle and fashion will remain open from 11 AM to 8 PM every day. By offering women intensive fitting sessions with highly trained fit experts to understand their right size and the type of lingerie that will suit their bodies, this space offers a different experience compared to other retail outlets that one may come across .These interactive fitting sessions will help them make educated choices in their lingerie purchases going forward.

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The Lingerie Fit lounge promises to deliver an environment, where women can discuss and indulge in the world of lingerie without being judged. With the taboos surrounding the category, Zivame is attempting at easing women into being open minded about their lingerie experiences. The company plans to open such stores across the leading metro and Tier 1 cities in the country by the end of next year.

 “Bra is still a hush-hush word in the Indian society. The bra buying experience that an average Indian woman undergoes is archaic to say the least where she is supposed to deal with salesmen or women, who are rarely equipped with the knowledge to ‘consult’ on the right fit and style. The store attendees usually suggest a size that they assume is the right fit, and in an uncomfortable environment where there is no scope to ask questions. Furthermore, she is not even sensitized to the possible problems she can face with the wrong fit and compromises lifelong. It is sad that the most intimate need is usually compromised to such a level.” [Richa Kar, Zivame founder and CEO]

The company has conducted various surveys to understand how Indian women buy their lingerie and in the process unearthed some alarming facts:

  • The survey showed that 4 out of 5 Indian women do not know their right size and have been wearing ill-fitting bras all their life!
  • 82% of women in India have never received professional help in finding the right bra though all of them buy lingerie at least once in 6 months!
  • Women are unaware of the life of a bra and 53% were still using bras that were ‘too old’!

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