Zoho adds Macro support and Pivot tables to Spreadsheets


Zoho wants to be the IT dept for SMBs and unless they match (and go beyond) the existing product’s (i.e. MSzoho sheet Office) features, they won’t be noticed.

Zoho team today launched couple of new features like macro support and pivot tables to the zoho-sheet, which potentially takes the product to a diff. level – an alternate to MS Office suite, at a far lesser cost and maintenance.

Macro support allows one to create macros, i.e. VB code and Zoho has also launched a marketplace Wiki (http://vbmacros.wiki.zoho.com/) for users to share their macros. Zoho’s future plans include addition of more macros and enabling macro recording.

Other newly added features include:

  • Pivot tables.
  • Share Spreadsheets to Groups.
  • Multiline Support.
  • Chinese Yuan Currency (yes they have partnered with Baihui, who will host Zoho apps in China)
  • Auto-Filter
  • ..and more

More details at Zoho blog

No matter what Zoho and Google says (i.e online office isn’t replacing MS office, but will compliment that.. More for collaboration..& blah), the reality is that MS will start losing ground in SME market. Though Live office has been launched, it’s as buggy & heavy as it shouldn’t have been.

What’s your opinion?

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