Zoho launches Checkout to help Indian startups collect (recurring) payments

Zoho Checkout comes in two plans - Standard ( Rs. 500/- monthly and Rs. 5000/- yearly and Professional ( Rs. 1500/- monthly and Rs. 15000/- yearly).

Zoho Checkout helps Indian startups/MSMEs and freelancers to collect online one-time and recurring payments with ease.
Checkout delivers flexible payment options (one-time and recurring), real-time analytics to monitor monthly revenue, and customizable design to suit one’s business needs.

Benefits of Zoho Checkout include:

  • Collect one time and recurring payments with ease: Zoho Checkout offers the ability to collect payments on an online platform where businesses can set up one-time or recurring payments, or allow customers to choose how much they will pay at checkout. It also provides users with the ability to embed the payment pages on a company website or share the URL via email or social media.
  • Customization and Branding: Zoho Checkout allows businesses the option of customizing the payment platform to match the look and feel of a company’s brand.  Zoho Checkout’s customization options include background colors, images, and logo, header and footer fields.

Users can sign up immediately  for the free plan where they can create a checkout page and accept up to 50 payments. There is no restriction on the transaction amount.

Zoho Checkout comes in two plans – Standard ( Rs. 500/- monthly and Rs. 5000/- yearly and Professional ( Rs. 1500/- monthly and Rs. 15000/- yearly).

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  1. Hey Ashish,
    We are in fact integrated with Razorpay as our exclusive payment gateway partner in India.
    Let me give you a few instances of how Zoho Checkout is different/better from the checkout solutions provided by common payment gateways:
    The payment pages you create in Zoho Checkout require absolutely no coding/technical skills. They are also completely customizable right from uploading your logos to tweaking background colors. All that needs to be done is to embed the pages on your site as an iframe or just share the payment link via email and social media. No dealing with complicated form builders and such. 🙂
    Additionally, merchants can provide customers the option to decide the amount they want to pay at checkout. Setting different recurring payment frequencies, as well as the option to schedule future recurring payments are also available.
    You can gather additional information from customers via the payment pages like billing/shipping addresses etc., We also provide the merchants the ability to send simple payment alert emails to customers like payment success, failure, card expiry and lots more.
    And finally, merchants do not need to worry about their site being SSL encrypted, we take care of the key security aspects and ensure a hassle free payment experience! 🙂

  2. Thanks Raxit. You can achieve recurring payments with auto-charge seamlessly using Zoho Checkout and Razorpay.
    And not just SaaS companies, Zoho Checkout will work great for just about everybody who wants to accept one-time and recurring online payments. Simply create and set up your payment page, and embed it on your website or share it via email and social media. That’s all it takes 🙂

  3. There is very less recurring payment gateway, except direct tie-up with banks, this is good move indeed. Good for SaaS like startup where paid users needs to pay every month

  4. Sidharth Shyamuskha

    What are the alternatives for recurring payments?

  5. How is this different from so many other alternatives?

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