Zoho Docs – Finally!


Zoho Docs – Finally!

Zoho has finally stitched all it’s office offering under a common application called Zoho docs.

Zoho docs enables users to manage documents centrally (which otherwise are scattered all over the place)  and serves as a central repository of all your Zoho writer, spreadsheets, presentations.

Zoho docs also supports folders – so that one can logically group and arrange these files.

Apart from aggregating you documents, the application also lets you view your documents, spreadsheets and presentations as a tab within the application. If you choose to edit any of these files, the file is opened in Edit mode in the appropriate Zoho Application. All documents inside Zoho Docs can be tagged, Downloaded, Shared etc. They can also be sorted by name, creation date and modified date. –source

Zoho docs accepts all file types and one can also upload zip files (and unzip after upload) – enabling quicker and wider usage.

To me, this was a much needed consolidation that Zoho had to offer – it was getting too complicated to understand the ‘starting point’ and docs could be positioned as that.

What’s your opinion?

Zoho earlier launched consumer centric Zoho Share.

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