Zoho gets into serious ‘Business’ – Challenges Google Apps with Zoho Business suite

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Zoho gets into serious ‘Business’ – Challenges Google Apps with Zoho Business suite

Zoho, today announced the launch of it’s online business suite – an umbrella application which brings together all of it’s online office apps under a common admin console.

With Zoho Business we bring multiple Zoho applications under a single roof and provide an administration console to manage users, domains, groups etc. We have said several times that we wanted to be the IT Department for SMBs and this is our first step towards that.

zoho business suite

Zoho Business will offer:

  • Single sign on across applications
  • Company level administration console
  • Multiple levels of security including SSL
  • Telephone support
  • Remote back-up
  • Document and data storage management self service
  • Co-branding..and more

Zoho Business will include the following applications :

  • Writer, Sheet, Show,
  • Wiki, Planner, Notebook
  • Chat, Mail, Calendar
  • Start Page, Domain management..and more..

Zoho business is currently in private beta and will go public beta next month (request for the beta access here.)

The Zoho business suite will be available in two flavors – Free and Pro. As far as the pricing is concerned, Zoho will price the pro version @ 40$/user (Google charges $50!). It would be interesting to see how Google reacts to Zoho’s Business suite. I am sure Google will combine jotspot with it’s office apps offering pretty soon!

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