Zoho Does Guerrilla Marketing #Freeride at Salesforce’ DreamForce Conference

Zoho loves SalesForce. Well, almost!

Just that the company (lovingly) disagrees with Marc Benioff (and his style of building the business) and has taken on Salesforce at various occassions (for e.g. Zwitch to Zoho in 2009, and showered some serious love with ‘they acquire, acquire and we build, build‘ statement).

Zoho's Guerrilla Marketing
Zoho’s Guerrilla Marketing

Salesforce’s annual confernece, DreamForce is on it’s way and this is a great piece of guerrilla marketing that Zoho has done. The company is doing a full #freeride and has setup a microsite : http://www.zoho.com/freeride/ inviting DreamForce attendees to check out Zoho products.

And not just that, they have even bought Google AdWords for dreamforce keyword!

Zoho DF13 Keywords
Zoho DF13 Keywords

Well played, Zoho! What a public display of affection!

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