Zoho Launches Its Inbox Insight App; A Search Engine For Email

Zoho has launched Inbox Insight, an app for its Zoho Mail client that functions as a search engine for a user’s email.
The app fetches and displays only relevant messages based on search queries, rather than display every emails as other apps do.
The app will run on both iOS and Android smartphones, and is Zoho’s take on the contextually relevant email app, like Inbox from Google and Outlook from Microsoft.
Inbox Insights was built on the predicament that every individual uses email differently, and comes with a hoard of functionalities.
Faster retrieval – Inbox Insight presents a simple search box. Users specify criteria, like sender name, subject, attachments, or date range. Inbox Insight whips out only relevant emails from the server.
Saved searches – Users can save searches and enable push notifications, so they get notified when new emails match their search. Saved searches are also available when users get back on their web browsers.
Quick sorting – Messages can be sorted quickly by simply swiping left to flag, label, archive or delete.
Learning algorithms – With every use, Inbox Insight learns more about the user and offers suggestions that make searches even faster.

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