Cloud gets a sequel – Zoho launches CloudSQL

Zoho has launched CloudSQL, middleware technology that allows businesses to connect and integrate the data and applications they have in Zoho with the data and applications they have in house, or even with other SaaS services.

Customers are able to access Zoho cloud data using SQL on both other cloud applications as well as through traditional on-premises software.

At a high-level, Zoho CloudSQL serves as the bridge between the external application and the data stored inside Zoho. It receives the query in SQL, interpret it, delegates queries and aggregates results across the Zoho services.

CloudSQL is an interesting development, since customers can port their data to any other application, and is a move away from locking-in.

  • Supports multiple SQL dialects. We support all the major (and even some not so major) ones: ANSI, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Informix.
  • With our JDBC/ODBC drivers, developers can access data in the cloud just as easily as if it were stored in a local database. – blog

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