Zoho Launches Online Forum Tool – Zoho Discussions

Create your own online forum with Zoho Discussions.

Zoho has launched an online forum tool that enables businesses to create external and internal communities to interact with their customers (customer support forum).

Key features of Zoho Discussions includes easy management of users, categorization using labels/tags, moderation and most importantly, complete branding control of the site.

In addition to domain mapping, Zoho Discussions also offers customizable SEO friendly URLs for forums, sub forums, topics, filters, activities and user profiles.

As far as pricing is concerned, two forums are free and beyond that, Zoho has different pricing slabs.

The key part about this launch is ofcourse, how well integrated is this service with other Zoho’s service (for instance, can a customer reported bug be triaged into a release cycle?) – one logical thing for Zoho to do is to enable c’rowdsourcing of ideas which can be integrated with product tools.

What’s your take on Zoho Discussions?

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