Zoho launches Zoho DB: Marches ahead of Google/Y! and Microsoft

Zoho adds another feather to it’s online office suite – Zoho DB.
Zoho DB provides online DB and reporting mechanism and is pretty much like an online avatar of Microsoft Access (and definitely much more than that..).

  • Convert spreadsheet to online databases
    Import .csv, .tsv files and manage your data and reports over the web
  • Drag and Drop based Report building
    Create charts, pivots, summary and other wide-range of reports through powerful drag & drop interface
  • SQL Support
    Query your database using any known SQL dialect for creating powerful & flexible reports.zoho
  • Share & Collaborate
    Share your data and reports for collaborative development and analysis
  • Embed into website/blog
    Create professional looking reports and embed into your website with simple copy/paste code
  • Visualization
    The data can be viewed in different ways using pivotal tables/charts.

Beauty of Zoho DB lies in the fact that it gives an excel like ease-of-use experience and yet provides the complexity of DataBases. Only time will tell how scalable Zoho DB is. I have just started playing with the tool and am amazed at how beautifully Zoho has exploited AJAX for a richer user experience.

With DB addition, Zoho is definitely marching ahead of Google/Yahoo and Microsoft, but one thing they probably need to focus on is distribution of apps (i.e partnership with a third-party provider to distribute Zoho apps to SMBs, just the way Google did).

Do give Zoho DB a spin and share your comments.

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