Zoho Launches Revamped Mail Service And Lead Generation Tool SalesIQ

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Zoho Launches Revamped Mail Service And Lead Generation Tool SalesIQ

Zoho has announced the launch of two new products today – the new Zoho Mail and Zoho SalesIQ.


The new Zoho Mail service brings social media-like communication features making collaborating over email smoother and simpler for businesses.

Zoho SalesIQ is a powerful tool that allows businesses to identify and engage with potential leads and customers who visit its website.

The company currently boasts of having 15 million users spread across 120 countries, serving them right from India with products built in India.

The New Zoho Mail

  • Collaboration through streams: users will be able to share an email by simply tagging their colleagues in the Streams windows below. Tagged users can reply using comments.
  • Shared Folders: users can share entire folders of emails and can set permissions such read/write and control the extent of access they have.
  • Attachments: users can access all attachments organized by their file type in the new ‘Attachment Viewer’. Users can then access mails related to a particular email, compose a new mail with the attachment or move the attachment to their favourite cloud storage service.
  • Create Calendar Events, Tasks or Notes: users will be able to select text in an email and create a task, note or event out of it.
  • Pricing: The new Zoho Mail will be available on a priority basis and publicly available after August 15, 2015. The first 25 mailboxes with 5GB of storage per user are free. Packages include a Standard 10GB priced at Rs 150/user/month, Standard 15GB at Rs 210/user/month and Premium 25GB at Rs 600/user/month.

The new Zoho Mail apps for Android and iOS are available immediately and the current app will be upgraded later this year.

Zoho SalesIQ

  • Real-time website visitor insights: users can gather insights about their website visitors in real-time, including which pages they’ve visited and the time they’ve spent on that page. Return visits are also tracked.
  • Hot, Warm, Cold Leads: users can pre-set conditions such as time spent by a potential lead on the site or if it is a return visit to identify customers from the large number of visitors on their website.
  • Live Chat: The feature allows users to engage with visitors who can start a chat and post queries or request information. Users will also be allowed to proactively start a conversation with hot leads.
  • Triggers: users can setup automated triggers to increase engagement with website visitors. Eg. Visitors spending more than 5 minutes on a page can be shown a message in the chat window, or visitors from other countries will be shown messages in different languages.
  • Analytics: users can convert their website data to segment website visitor traffic based on location, number of visits and past interactions.
  • Integration: users can store potential customers as leads in their CRM and be alerted when they visit the website again. Zoho SalesIQ also integrates with a dozen CMS platforms such as WordPress and 17 eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.
  • Pricing: Zoho SalesIQ is available immediately with the company offering a free version for two users, tracking visitors on one websites, with 5,000 visitors/month and up to 100 chat sessions a month. Paid packages include Basic at Rs 1,140/month, Professional at Rs 3,540/month and Enterprise at Rs 7,740/month.

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