Zoho mail goes offline (with Google Gears)

First it was Zoho docs and now Mail – Zoho has done it (i.e. gears implementation) much before Google!

Zoho mail is stepping out of private beta and has integrated Google gears support enabling users to read mails offline.

Zoho Mail automatically detects your connectivity and switches to online/offline modes seamlessly. While offline, you can respond to your emails as you would normally. When you go back online these emails will be sent out from your Outbox.- blog

Zoho Mail offers following features:zohomail

  • Configure multiple mail accounts to access all your personal and official mails from a single mail client.
  • Choose your preferred way of organizing mails using hierarchical folder and/or flat labels.
  • Mail conversations using Conversation View (i.e. threads).
  • Import Contacts from your Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

Zoho’s tabbed interface is quite similar to Yahoo Mail

and offers few new features like:

  • Setting Mail priority – though other email clients don’t support this feature, but is a much useful feature for businesses who are on Zoho.
  • International Language support – Apart from UTF-8, zoho mail also supports EUC-JP, EUC-KR etc.

Feature request – please support MX records delegation, in order for SMBs to use it as a self-service product.

Interesting to note how a competitor is using Google’s APIs in a better fashion that Google itself!

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