Zoho takes on Salesforce..Launches ‘Zwitch to Zoho’

Zoho –Salesforce story is pretty well known (SF wanted to acquire Zoho, but Zoho refused) and today, Zoho launched the ‘Zwitch to Zoho’ program to lure Salesforce customers by playing the pricing card.

He offered repeatedly to acquire Zoho outright, which we rejected. I told him there is absolutely no fit between our companies, particularly with his business model and our business model. I told him there is just no cultural fit between our companies and such an acquisition would be miserable for both parties. Finally, he offered to let us integrate Zoho into AppExchange, provided we pull the plug on Zoho CRM. We told him that kind of pre-condition is totally unacceptable, and it also completely negates his claims of openness of their platform. Needless to say, we never did agree on the issue, and we dropped the integration effort. – Sridhar

Zwitch program enables any salesforce customer to migrate to Zoho and try out the service; and while Salesforce charges $65/user/month, Zoho is offering it’s CRM product for $12/user/month, a claimed saving of 80%.

Would be interesting to see how many SF customers migrate to Zoho? What’s your hunch?

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