Zoho launches Zoho Share : Gets Consumer Oriented

Zoho has launched Zoho Share – a central repository showcasing content published by Zoho users.

While Zoho has focused on enterprise customers, its a no-brainer for them to showcase all the public files that are being uploaded by users.

The Sharepoint part is very important: Zoho Share is a central place where we bring together all published content. If you are an individual publishing your documents, the content appears in Zoho Share under your profile. Zoho Business users have an option to publish the documents within the organization. In this case Zoho Share acts as a published document repository within (and only within) the organization. The analogy here is an organization’s internal Sharepoint repository, but with YouTube style enhancements. [source]

By enabling this feature, Zoho in a way will be more consumer friendly – it has been an enterprise product company for so long with literally no great product for a typical consumer (I mean how many of us really have used Zoho suite?).

Zoho Share does removes that barrier and one can do pretty much what slideshare/youtube/scribd does – i.e. sharing of media/document/ppt etc.

And the in-built access control gives users control what document to share, which license to apply, and most importantly with whom to share (i.e. public/within company etc).

Zoho surely is becoming far more relevant than other companies in online office space and won’t be wrong to say, they are only smart alternative to office suite.

What’s your opinion?

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