Zoho Wiki adds new features – Workspaces, Permissions

I have worked for an organization where employees got into the habit of creating wikis and managers used to create meta wikis and their managers, meta meta wikis. The story goes on until the information is rendered meaningless and of little value to the top management.

The challenge with wikis is the information overload and lack of a good control management system in place. Infact, I also believe that wikis in many organizations are abused because they come for free and there is hardly any project level policy regarding wiki creation.

Zoho has launched a new version of its Wiki software, Wiki 2.0 that manages part of the Wiki overdose challenge – that of information organization and searchability.

New features introduced in Zoho Wiki 2.0 are

  • Workspaces
    Workspaces promote sharing and collaboration within the team and also with other groups. They can function as separate wikis, complete with own administrative controls, security setup and full customization option. For eg., An IT Company can have team spaces for different projects, for HR, for marketing, for sales, etc. Within a school wiki,  teachers can create individual workspaces for each class.
  • Permissions
    Wikis can have multiple group permissions for better access controls and thereby ensure fine grained security. A project wiki can be assigned to a particular team and can be shared with other team members and also with clients across the globe.

The new Wiki comes with a price and the free version comes with a single wiki with 3 workspaces and 3 users. Each additional user costs $8 per month and each additional wiki costs $5 per month.

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