Zoho adds Google Apps Sign-in Integration

Earlier, Zoho announced an integration with Google accounts (and Yahoo id) which was aimed at increasing product try outs.

Today, Zoho has launched Google apps integration that will enable you to login to Zoho using Google apps credentials.

Essentially, Zoho will show ‘Google Apps’ sign-in option and once user enter their Apps domain name, Zoho will redirect the user to Google to sign-in using your Google Apps credentials. Once you authorize accounts.zoho.com, you’ll be logged in to Zoho directly (source).

Threat to Google?

While Google Apps is an online office suite, Zoho has smartly positioned itself as a IT department for SMBs. Applications like Zoho marketplace, Zoho Business suite, HRMS certainly makes Zoho a good ‘try out’ option.

Do products live upto expectations?

What’s your take?

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