It was supposed to be fun. But like most things on the Internet, things got out of hand soon enough. Zomato trolled Bangalore. Got trolled back. Apologized. And pulled its hiring campaign which didn’t go well with its users.

Zomato’s Apology : Not That Apologetic?

If you think that was bad, gets worse. Many spoof sites that looked like Zomato joined the fun and soon, you couldn’t tell the difference between the one posted by Zomato and the ones posted in protest.

Many angry Bangaloreans uninstalled the app. We don’t know how many, but judging by folks on Twitter & Facebook, its probably more than what Zomato had bargained for. The worst part?

Many app users took to the play store and gave the app a single star rating. Now that’s quite damaging for a company that is banking on mobile users for its future.

Just to quantify, Zomato’s Anrdoid App Rating Before:  4.5 with 25696 votes & After: 4.3 with 25800 votes (thanks to Pratik).

Shit happens. What’s next? We hope this blows over quickly and that everyone has learned their lessons from this.

For sure, the world is a GIGO place – you throw Garbage and you get Garbage.

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