The Day Zomato Trolled Bangaloreans (Geeks)..And Got Trolled Back..

Zomato is hiring and decided to call out Bangalore by anointing Delhi the ‘true techcapital’ of the country.

Delhi is the Tech Capital?
Delhi is the Tech Capital?

Of course it is. Just that they did an incomplete job of comparing the two cities. Let us help them a bit 🙂

In India, Bangalore has been home to the DRDO, BEML, GE’s John F Welch Tech Centre, Shell R&D, Maini, Siemens R&D, Yahoo, Oracle, Google … (longer list, but you get the idea). All old generations of heavyweights – who cares about the dinosaurs! Of course, there’s a few of the biggest names in ecommerce, and the biggest telecom and VAS startups came out of Bangalore. But hey, not cool, those. SOO OLD fashioned businesses, they are!

Nah, those are not that “tech”. Of course, NextBigWhat and the biggest startup event of them all, Unpluggd, is very much part of the city. As have been all the other big technology and product events – all well attended – over the years. But I guess you’re not including the entire ecosystem around, right, guys?

Arrey yaar, we forgot that Delhi sees a lot of tie-and-suit-boot tech events where people exchange cards and smileys – we certainly believe these are smartcards and plasticsmiles – which is definitely super tech!!!

But know what, these Bangaloreans are nuts. They stay on just because of the weather and coffee – how very untechielike. I mean, just imagine! Living on sexy-espresso-coffee vs. filter coffee? What would you choose 🙂 ?

Delhi / NCR? Yes. that’s where all those half-dozen or so mind numblingly awesome tech plays are at. Of course. No doubts.

The true tech culture of (read: enmity) of NCR evidently shows up when Zomato decides not to name rival Times Internet in the list of NCR based technology companies ! #GALTBAAT

While “all publicity is good publicity” – will it work with techies, for hiring? We’re a little more discerning and smarter, no? (Read the tweets at the end of this article – there’s plenty of evidence there!)

Zomato’s Mission Achieved? For sure, techies who were planning to move to NCR now know that Zomato is hiring – which is why this cheesy campaign works! Hats off to Zomato for pulling off a good, viral one!!

Lost in the noise? A lot of Bangalorean fans of Zomato will now (again) lose the brand connection with Zomato. Bangaloreans take pride in being called the ‘tech city’, and can at max be okay to be compared with Hyderabad or Chennai – but Delhi? Apparently NO! So the viralness might give Zomato usage a bit of the common cold.

Zomato Troll : The Reactions:

zomato troll trolled:
zomato troll trolled:

PS : Zomato, we would like to tell you that you got the redbus route wrong – ibibo after redBus acquisition had to move most of its engineering team to Bangalore (and not the other way around).
Plus, Paytm tech team too is in Bangalore.

But yaara, ki farak painda!

UnPluggd is happening in BANGALORE [May 24th]
UnPluggd is happening in BANGALORE [May 24th]

[With inputs from Sameer over some filer kaapi.]
Update : Zomoto has apologized, albeit with its opportunistic tone.

Clearly, our agenda here was to attract the right talent for Zomato and we succeeded at doing that. A little humour never hurt anyone, did it? Turns out we were wrong, and we might have overstepped a line or two.

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