Zomato enters infrastructure play; Launches Cloud Kitchen

Zomato has entered infrastructure play (rather, ‘asset heavy business’) with the launch of Cloud Kitchen.
Zomato Infrastructure Services is a kitchen infrastructure service where in Zomato will work with current restaurant business owners to expand their business to more locations without incurring any fixed cost. Zomato will provide the real estate infra service to select restaurants.

The pilot kitchen is in Dwarka which will start to cook in the first/second week of March.
Is there tech in this version of Foodtech?
The entire tech stack these kitchens would need is provided by Zomato free of cost to restaurants and is part of the “infrastructure” services.
Zomato Base (POS), and Zomato Trace (Delivery Dispatching and Routing) are the two key components of the tech that will go into these kitchens (more here).

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