Zomato’s Deepinder : Won’t Acquire TinyOwl. Don’t Like The Name

Zomato’s Cofounder and CEO, Deepinder Goyal did an AMA on Reddit and shares a few quirky ones.Deepinder Goyal Zomato
Qn:  Are your acquisitions in the future going to be focused on other geographies (like UrbanSpoon) or smaller competitors with different business models within India (like TinyOwl)
Deepinder : Mix of both. But not Tinyowl – don’t like the name.

Qn: If you started Zomato today, what would you do different? What has been the most surprising thing on your entrepreneurial journey so far? You can’t start a Zomato today and succeed. How would you compete with Zomato?
Deepinder : That there are enough number of superhumans in the world. You just need to look really really hard. There are enough people who pretend to be superhumans. You just need to spend a little time with them to figure that out.

Qn: Why do you guys have to enforce 8.30am to 8pm sort of timing? Do you really expect a good developer to be able to be in the zone for 12 hours straight? I know there’s no strict stay till 8pm rule, maybe even there is. But it is clearly frowned upon if a guy regularly leaves early.
Deepinder:  Actually, we don’t enforce an 8:30am timing. But what I expect is that if I request for a team meeting at 8:30am, you would show up at 8:30am.
Why would we contribute to open source if we are barely able to ship what we need to ship to keep our users happy.
All these are unrealistic expectations from a growing company. If you are part of the tech team at Zomato, you are clearly at the wrong place. You should either try to get answers to these questions by talking to me and believe in what we are doing, or leave. We don’t force people to work here if they don’t want to.

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