Zomato Launches Food Ordering Service In Delhi Region

Zomato has launched food ordering service in Delhi region with Bangalore, Mumbai and more cities on the way.zomato
The new app updates supports Zomato Cashless as well as food ordering features.
Zomato Food Ordering : Gamifying Restaurants
Zomato’s food ordering service is different from other food delivery services as Zomato does not confirm the delivery order, but has supplied its partner restaurants with iPads with inbuilt Zomato app which act as Zomato’s direct line with restaurants who need to confirm each order placed through Zomato.
The service also has rating mechanism made mandatory by Zomato, i.e the user has to rate the restaurant for every delivery service made through Zomato. In case a restaurant is not rated after delivery, the app will prompt users to rate it before they place their next delivery order (just like cab booking apps). This rating will be displayed on Zomato’s restaurant rating on the app.
Users can select the food to order, pay for the service as well as track their food over the app. The pricing strategy adopted by Zomato for this service is based on price cut from orders processed; five star rating by users will be charged at 7.5% and the lowest rated service will be charged at 15% price cut.
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