Zomato’s Badassery Continues : Banned From 6 IITs Over Placement Slot Dispute

Zomato has been reportedly barred from recruiting students from six IITs including Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Chennai, Guwahati and Kanpur.

The decision to blacklist Zomato came after the company was denied a day one slot for recruitment as the salary package of 26 lakh was considered “too low”. The decision was taken up by All-IITs Placement Committee (AIPC).

Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal then took to twitter, bashing the placement scenario at IITs.

Sources said that Goyal’s tweets against IITs played a lead role in the ban as they claim that Zomato was offering a higher package to other IITs.

“Any company which violates the procedural guidelines laid down by the AIPC may be blacklisted. Sometimes, in cases of minor infractions, companies may be let off with a warning; in more serious cases, they are blacklisted,” said Atal Ashutosh Agarwal, Vice-President, Technology Students’ Gymkhana at IIT-Kharagpur.[Source]

IITs : Giving No Damn To ESOPs?

Zomato’s Deepinder is irked because of the fact that placement offers are comparing CTCs and have totally overlooked the value of ESOPs. Plus, the option at the end of the day should lie with the students, right?

Now that the hiring winter freeze is about to begin, IITs need to really rethink on these decisions?

What’s your take?


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  1. Hired from IITs in 2007 and 2008 for a management consulting firm, where I worked as HR Consultant. I saw IITs waking up to the realities of CTC (ESOPs, Deferred compensation, long-term bonuses, etc, cost of office transport, cafeteria food, etc). CTC is often inflated with unreal facts like these. Students often have told such futuristic money as ‘not my money’!IITs started asking for CTC break up to be uploaded to the placement links provided by the TnP office!
    Let’s be fair and real in dealing with top talent.

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