Zomato Introduces Mobile Ads On Its App

wp_ss_20141128_0001Restaurant search and discovery service Zomato has announced the introduction of advertisements on its mobile app. Users will now see in-line ads for restaurants contextual to their search and location, appearing on search result pages.
Zomato claims huge traction through its mobile apps with 50% of its more than 30 million users accessing the app across the globe on mobile phones.
Zomato’s revenue model is based on hyper-local advertising contextual to the user search criteria, where users searching for restaurants in a particular area see ads for other relevant dining establishments in and around that location. This allows restaurant businesses to target customers already searching for dining options in their catchment area. At present, over 4500 restaurant businesses in 15 countries globally advertise on Zomato.  Zomato’s mobile focus is also accompanied by the recently launched Zomato for Business application – an app built exclusively to help business owners engage with customers and drive business.
“We experimented a bit over the past few months, and we believe we have the right product is in place now. This increases the reach of our advertisements by 100%. We have been focusing on mobile as a company for a while now and this accompanied by the Zomato for Business app, which is already gaining traction steadily, holds great promise.” – Zomato Co-Founder and COO, Pankaj Chaddah
Zomato also added another country to its growing list of international locations with the launch of its section for Ireland. Zomato covers over 3,000 restaurants in Dublin, and is available on web and mobile.

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