Zomato Acquires MaplePOS To Launch PoS System

Zomato has acquired MaplePOS, a cloud-based point-of-sale product for restaurants.
Post acquisition, the product will be called Zomato Base.
Base is an Android-based POS system that uses custom hardware for a more reliable and flexible product experience. It offers restaurants features such as menu and inventory management, and has a built-in payment solution to accept debit and credit card payments. This acquisition takes us a step closer to providing end-to-end tech to the restaurant industry.

We’re probably the only food-tech company in the world that is building products for consumers as well as restaurant businesses. There is a lot that can be done if we are able to build a technology platform that connects consumers to restaurants and vice versa, and we believe that a world-class cloud-based POS system is the first step towards building that platform.

Zomato Base will be topped with features such as Menu Management, Inventory Management, Recipe Management, Customer Relationship Management, Data Analytics, Electronic Receipts, Offline Transaction Support, Payment Gateway Integration etc.
This is the first product acquisition for Zomato. Since July 2014, Zomato has acquired 7 companies in various parts of the world to extend its reach in the restaurant search space. This includes the acquisition of Urbanspoon, which gave Zomato a dominant position in Australia, Canada, and the United States.
Zomato will work on integrating the POS product’s services with the consumer product over the next few months; after the integration, Zomato will start offering Zomato Base to restaurant businesses across the world this fall.

Very recently, Info Edge invested INR 155 crores in Zomato.

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