Zomato Acquires Mekanist To Boost Its Presence In Turkey


Zomato Acquires Mekanist To Boost Its Presence In Turkey

Zomato has acquired Turkish restaurant discovery service Mekanist, increasing its coverage by over 50,000 restaurants from across the country.
The announcement comes days after Zomato acquired Urbanspoon for $52 million, and is the Indian firm’s seventh acquisition in the past six months. The terms of the Zomato-Mekanist deal have not been made public yet, but it will help grow the company’s presence in Turky.
Zomato has had a presence in Turkey since November 2013, and along with Mekanist will cover over 75,000 restaurants in the country. Over the next few months, the company will roll out an integrated product for customers and business owners.
The Indian firm currently has a team of 27 people in Turkey, but hasn’t shared any details whether employees from Mekanist will add to that number. The acquisition of Mekanist is part of Zomato’s plan of scooping up dominant local restaurant discovery services, in order to grow its own global footprint.

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