Zomato Begins Unbundling – Launches Online Food Ordering App ‘Zomato Order’

Zomato has unveiled a standalone app for its online food ordering service called Zomato Order, kicking off the company’s move to unbundle its services into multiple apps.
Zomato Order
While releasing a separate app for online food ordering might seem as a counterintuitive move, in theory it isn’t that different from what Facebook has done (so successfully).
The company claims Zomato Order will allow the company to provide users with a better experience. Here’s how:
Focus – having two different apps to do different things means Zomato can focus on the core principles upon which each app is built. Ex. Tracking your order status on Zomato’s restaurant finder app takes a few steps, however on Zomato Order, it gets its own tab. In short, more apps = less compromise.
Updates – by splitting up its service into two separate apps, the company doesn’t have to sync up releasing new features for its restaurant delivery and food ordering services. Both will get their own updates, and moreover the Restaurant Finder app won’t be weighed down by unnecessary lines of code in markets where online ordering isn’t available yet.
Deep Linking – both apps will be deep linked to each other, just like how Facebook is deep linked to Messenger and vice versa. If a user discovers a place they’d like to order food from on the restaurant finder app, a single tap will take the to the Zomato Order app where items can be added to their cart easily.\
Users will undoubtedly see it as an inconvenience to install two separate apps on their smartphones, but the company is hoping the benefits far outweigh the cons. On the Apple App Store, users will be able to download both apps as a bundle.
Moreover, online food ordering on Zomato isn’t a feature, but a full blown service, which justifies its existence a separate app. It also caters to an audience that might not want to discover new restaurants to eat at, which can only be counted as a win.

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