Startup Roundup: Zomato launches Social features, Commonfloor launches map-based search feature

When a buyer is searching for property in another city or region which he or she may not know well, the map based search helps in locating the right kind of property given his or her requirements, without having to call people / agents or travel to the region.

Restaurant guide, Zomato has launched social features enabling users to follow updates on their favourite restaurants, create wish lists and follow other reviewers and friends. The users will get notifications for any new user reviews, ratings as well as menu, picture, information and event updates on their favourite restaurants. The users can also invite their friends to follow them and their activities on Zomato as well as share the live feeds of their activity on Zomato on their Facebook page.


“Which restaurants have my friends visited?’ ‘Do they recommend trying out those restaurants?’ ‘What is new at this restaurant that I really like?’ these are questions that one would often want to know the answers to before taking the first bite and you can now find them on Zomato.”, mentions Deepinder Goyal, Zomato CEO.

Zomato also plans to go international in the coming months.

introduces map-based search feature to locate properties for rent or sale

Commonfloor has launched a new map based search feature for property buying and renting.Integrated with Google Maps, map based search enables users to locate properties on a map, in addition to a keyword based search.

Speaking to, Sumit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO said, “With the help of a map, the user will be able to properly visualize the exact location of the available property with respect to nearby surroundings. For e.g., using the map based search, a buyer located in Delhi, who is planning to shift to Bangalore, will be able to identify properties that are in close proximity to his or her Bangalore office or schools where his or her children would be going to.   It will also help users to seek out locations they may be unaware of, helping them make more informed decisions regarding buying / renting a property.”

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