Zomato has launched Zomato Whitelabel, a platform that enables restaurants to launch custom-branded native mobile apps, and bridge the gap between them and their customers.

With Zomato Whitelabel, restaurants will be able to launch market-ready apps in a matter of weeks with absolutely no technical knowledge required. These apps integrate seamlessly into all of Zomato’s ancillary features such as Online Ordering, Table Reservations, in-app Cashless payments, Loyalty programs and soon-to-be-launched Zomato Base. These apps also come with powerful business and marketing tools such as targeted push notifications, real-time information and menu management, and analytics all bundled in, allowing restaurants more time to focus on their core business of food and creating delightful dining experiences for customers.

While this is a serious threat to food ordering restaurants (owing to Zomato integration),  Zomato claims to have over 100 restaurant brands on board.

For customers, this allows for one-on-one interactions with their favourite restaurants, access to exclusive events and offers, and loyalty programs, without having to navigate to them on the main Zomato app.